Bird Watching

Getaway Jungle Camp is a birder’s paradise – surrounded by thick forest from all sides, the camp is home to a number of local and migrant bird species. Around 300 bird species are spotted every year, by naked eye alone!! Birding is a significant activity that the camp encourages both amateur enthusiasts and professional bird watchers to undertake and observe.

Getaway jungle camp also organizes bird watching tours at different sites in Uttarakhand, like Pangot, Bajoon valley, Marchula (Corbett National Park), Mukteshwar and special weekend birding treks in the Kumaon hills.


Trivia: Birding and birdwatching are the two terms for the same activity, often used interchangeably. Many serious birders  prefer birding, since birdwatching excludes the ‘auditory’ senses the experience evokes.

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