Team GJC

Gauri Rana, the adventure enthusiast and avid trekker for over two decades

One of the founding members of GJC Sattal, with his in depth knowledge of all things outdoors and a personality that will definitely leave a lasting impression, Gauri is someone who you will never forget. Gauri’s interests include angling, bird-watching and motor biking among a host of others and he is well known for his nature conservation and re- forestation drives.

Manav Joseph, the planner, marketeer, the entertainer

Another founding member, Manav heads the marketing and planning and ensures all your travel and stay needs are well taken care of, so your stay is a comfortable one. A jovial personality, he has numerous tales of the camp and the jungle, he is bound to leave you thoroughly entertained.

Hemant, or Hemu-da

The camp’s operations manager, Hemant works tirelessly to ensure your stay is a pleasant one. Being a local from the closest village – Suryagaon and having spent his life in the forests around the camp, he can tell you all you need to know about local
traditions, temples, places and legends.

Getaway Jungle Camp also has a core team residing at the camp to take care of all your needs as well as our resident pet dogs, ducks, geese and chicken!!

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